The Pink Ribbon

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and time to sport your pink ribbon. With 1:8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, it’s a cause that affects most of us. Pink raises awareness and honors those who have been directly affected by this disease. We need to raise awareness because we need more information about early detection. We need more advances in research for a cure. And we need more programs to support families affected by this disease.

The pink ribbon is ubiquitous with breast cancer and many companies sport the ribbon on their products during October. When you buy a pink product, it raises awareness for breast cancer. But how do you know where your money goes? Will it make an impact? Pinkwash is a term used to describe a company that promotes pink ribbon products but contributes little to support research. These companies may even sell products that contain ingredients known to increase the risk of breast cancer. When the pink ribbon is everywhere, how do you show support and put your money to good use? How do you know your contribution has an impact?

How to Show Your Support and Make an Impact

If you want to raise awareness and show your support for breast cancer, wear pink. Start a conversation.  If you truly want to make an impact and contribute to research, prevention, and early detection, donate directly to a breast cancer organization. Charity Watch and Charity Navigator vet non-profit organizations and rate them based on their accountability and transparency. The following organizations have earned high ratings:

When you wear pink, you help raise awareness and show support for the millions of women who have been diagnosed. When you donate your money to organizations that are working tirelessly to advance research and treatment, your support makes an even bigger impact.  October reminds us that we need to support Breast Cancer Awareness month until we see the day when no woman needs to hear the words breast cancer again.

Shine Bright! Be Empowered!