Many of us believe that crying is sign of weakness. When we show our emotions, we are letting our guard down.  But crying serves an important purpose. Crying is good for you. Case in point…

I was talking with a couple of friends who are in the midst of medical treatment. Both of these women are successful business women who often travel for work. They each have magnetic personalities that emanate warmth and enthusiasm for life. And they are both mothers of teens. They seemed to be handling their diagnosis and treatment with bravado, both maintaining active social calendars and managing work and being moms. It’s been remarkable to see them keep it all together and manage it all. They were never without a smile because, well, crying was not an option. But underneath all these layers, they confessed that they each hit an emotional wall.

They had accepted their diagnosis with grace and tried to maintain as much normalcy in their life as possible, which helped them get through each day without being overwhelmed by their diagnosis or treatment. But what they failed to do, was allow themselves time to cry. When they did, they told me they felt refreshed, renewed, and ready to move forward. They came to realize what researchers have long known to be true–Crying is good for you.

In life, we often feel that we must be everything to everybody—a parent, friend, spouse, employee, sibling, son or daughter. We need to show the world that we are able to tackle anything life throws our way. And if we continue to balance it all, we can prove to ourselves that we can get past every obstacle in our path. Perhaps if we balance it all, we won’t have to deal with our emotions. We can wear and smile, and life will continue on its usual course. The problem is, like my two friends, you can only ignore your emotions for so long before you hit a wall.

3 Reasons Why Crying is Good for You

  1. Crying gives us permission to accept our situation and move on. It forces us to slow down, breathe, and move forward.
  2. Crying allows us to release stress and emotions. Tears help flush stress hormones from our body so we can achieve emotional balance.
  3. Crying helps improve relationships. It lets others know that we are human, we have real feelings, and we can use support.

Life throws many obstacles our way—speedbumps on the road of life. Whether it be a change in employment, a family issue, or a cancer diagnosis, it’s how we approach these obstacles that determines how will get past them. It is important to maintain as much normalcy in routine as possible but it is also important to nurture ourselves. We need to slow down. We need to accept love and support from others. And we need to allow ourselves the sweet release of a good cry. If we ignore life’s speedbumps and fly over them, we will most certainly crash on the landing.